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  • Farewell to Our Favorite “Storm”

    Farewell to Our Favorite “Storm”

        Farewell to Our Favorite “Storm” By Stacy Krueger Goodbyes just suck. So rather than get all mushy (or in this case, bloggy), I rounded up some of our… Continue reading

  • Kristin Morrow

    Kristin Morrow

    Kristin Morrow and Family You recently lost a fair amount of weight (dang girl!). What changes have you made to your lifestyle? So…here’s what happened. Starting last June, I completely fell… Continue reading

  • Summer Motivation

    Summer Motivation

      Now that it’s warming up, we all finally leave the cocoon of our homes and venture to the outdoors. Summer is filled with all kinds of activities and events… Continue reading

  • Spring Clean Your Fitness Life

    Spring Clean Your Fitness Life

    Spring Cleaning The weather has finally turned for the better! The sun is out, the temps are climbing. Classes will soon feature more outdoors efforts like running, wallballs along the… Continue reading

  • Shortcuts to a Happy Life

    Shortcuts to a Happy Life

    Shortcuts to a Happy Life       Most of the time, I am happy. Life is too short, not to be happy. But that doesn’t mean that “happy” is… Continue reading

  • The Johnson Family

    The Johnson Family

     What brought each of you to FITT-RX? Debbie: I originally heard about the opening of FITT-RX from Jill Giorno and decided to check it out because I needed a change in… Continue reading

  • Entering a New Decade

    Entering a New Decade

    Saying Goodbye to my 20’s In a few days I will officially be an adult. It wasn’t the wedding, or being pregnant, or getting off my dad’s cell phone plan… Continue reading

  • Positive Thinking is Powerful

    Positive Thinking is Powerful

    POSITIVE THINKING IS POWERFUL Psychology was the class every senior in my high school looked forward to taking. Our teacher, Mr. Elgin, was fantastic, passionate about the subject, and you… Continue reading

  • Kristie Evers

    Kristie Evers

    Kristie Evers What brought you to FITT-RX five years ago? I started at FITT-RX actually before FITT-RX officially existed when there was boot camp at Immanuel Lutheran. My youngest child, Kate,… Continue reading

  • Happiness 101

    Happiness 101

    Happiness 101 To say that Laurie Santos was shocked would be an understatement. The Psychology Professor from Yale was expecting a couple hundred students to sign up for her new… Continue reading