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  • The Johnson Family

    The Johnson Family

     What brought each of you to FITT-RX? Debbie: I originally heard about the opening of FITT-RX from Jill Giorno and decided to check it out because I needed a change in… Continue reading

  • Kristie Evers

    Kristie Evers

    Kristie Evers What brought you to FITT-RX five years ago? I started at FITT-RX actually before FITT-RX officially existed when there was boot camp at Immanuel Lutheran. My youngest child, Kate,… Continue reading

  • Rob Halberg

    Rob Halberg

    Meet Rob Halberg What brought you to FITT-RX? (Credit Mark Ziehr for doing some wonderful marketing/PR as he was one of the reasons I tried FITT-RX). Our daughters had gymnastics at… Continue reading

  • The Legacy Behind Katie Kare

    The Legacy Behind Katie Kare

    The Legacy Behind Katie Kare   Over the last few weeks, Katie Kare has undergone a few renovations. The kids were excited to see the colorful paint, change in floor… Continue reading

  • Let’s Make It Happen Again!

    Let’s Make It Happen Again!

    The hustle and bustle of running around during the holiday season can be exhausting.  It’s so easy to get caught up with such things as shopping, kid’s activities, jobs, and… Continue reading