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  • The last time you saw Kim at FITT-RX she was 39.5 weeks pregnant performing jumping jacks, squatting on a bosu ball, and rocking push-ups. Kim and her family recently welcomed… Continue reading

  • Featured Client–Kevin Morrissey

    Featured Client–Kevin Morrissey

    What brought you to FITT-RX in 2016?My cousin, Rob and Katie Martinelli kept talking about this fitness class they were doing. Prior to that, I was a member at another… Continue reading

  • Featured Client-Colette Dever

    Featured Client-Colette Dever

        Meet Colette Dever What brought you to FITT-RX? I had been trying off and on to work out at home, but it never lasted because it got boring… Continue reading

  • Featured Client-Regan Gentile

    Featured Client-Regan Gentile

    Meet Regan Gentile How were you introduced to the FITT-RX community? I have always enjoyed working out, but since having children, I wasn’t seeing the results with my workouts. Who… Continue reading

  • Featured Client–Sue Vaughan

    Featured Client–Sue Vaughan

    Meet Sue Vaughan–53 years young and rocking her workouts 1. What is your motivation behind working out? I love working out! Exercise makes my brain happy and finding challenging workouts… Continue reading

  • Sweet goodbye

    Sweet goodbye

    Well. Here we are. I’m writing and you’re reading what will be my last blog as a FITT-Rx trainer. A position I’ve held for six years, from before the studio… Continue reading

  • Featured Couple-Scott and Stephanie Palzkill

    Featured Couple-Scott and Stephanie Palzkill

      What was the motivation behind your weight loss journey?  Our relationship as a couple started in 2006 when we were workout buddies together. We used to go to a Gold’s… Continue reading

  • Kristin Morrow

    Kristin Morrow

    Kristin Morrow and Family You recently lost a fair amount of weight (dang girl!). What changes have you made to your lifestyle? So…here’s what happened. Starting last June, I completely fell… Continue reading

  • The Johnson Family

    The Johnson Family

     What brought each of you to FITT-RX? Debbie: I originally heard about the opening of FITT-RX from Jill Giorno and decided to check it out because I needed a change in… Continue reading

  • Kristie Evers

    Kristie Evers

    Kristie Evers What brought you to FITT-RX five years ago? I started at FITT-RX actually before FITT-RX officially existed when there was boot camp at Immanuel Lutheran. My youngest child, Kate,… Continue reading