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FITT Sweat 30

This 30 minute class focuses heavily on anaerobic movements using your body weight and functional equipment. You can expect plyometric intervals, challenging strength exercises and maximum calorie burn. (All fitness levels welcome; modifications offered)

FITT Strength 30

This 30 minute strength-based class will help you burn calories and build muscle. We combine upper and lower body movements with core exercises. (All fitness levels welcome)

FITT Surprise 30

This 30 minute class guarantees a full body workout with everything from high intensity cardio to weight training and core strength. (All fitness levels welcome)

FITT Tabata 30

This class is proven to be one of the most effective high intensity interval training workouts. Class consists of four minute circuits broken into eight rounds of exercise for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  It is sure to challenge your cardiovascular and muscles endurance. (All fitness levels welcome)

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