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Who works out at FITT-RX?
FITT-RX is for all men and women of any fitness level.  Our intentions are to make our programs a fun, effective alternative to the average gym workout.

Are all FITT-RX instructors Certified Fitness Professionals and CPR Certified?
We are all certified fitness professionals and are required to be CPR certified.

How old do you have to be to join a class?
The minimum age requirement to participate in a class is 14 years old (with parental/guardian signature and parent must attend with minors 14-17 years) or 18 years old without guardian signature.  

What do you recommend I bring to work out?

  • Water bottle
  • Appropriate athletic clothing
  • Athletic shoes (Inside the studio, please do not wear street shoes, due to the rubber flooring we have in our studio)
  • A sweat towel

Can I share a punch card with another person?
The only way punch cards can be shared is if they are shared with people who live within the same household.

Do I need to reserve a spot in class?
Yes, you can reserve your spot online by using the MindBody App or logging into your MindBodyOnline account.   This is important so both the FITT-RX instructor and you know there will be enough room to accommodate all participants. This is ESPECIALLY important in TRX and Spin classes.  If you need to unenroll in a TRX class or a Spin Boot Camp, you must do so 2 hours before the class starts, or you will be charged for that class.


What if I am unable to attend a Personal Training or a Small Group Training appointment?
If you are unable to attend a training session, we require you to notify us 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.  If it is less than 24 hours, you will be charged for that workout.

What if I can’t make it to a class I registered for?
If you pre-register for a class and can’t make it, we ask that you cancel yourself out on-line 2 hours prior to when class starts.  Our 5:30am Spin Boot Camps are very popular, so if a client fails to cancel out on time or no shows for one of those classes, one of two things will happen:  If they currently hold a monthly unlimited (individual or couples), their credit card will be charged $10.  If they use a punch card to cover the class, a punch will be deducted.

What is Katie Kare (on-site childcare)?
Katie Kare has qualified, responsible caretakers who will supervise your children while you workout with us.  Our childcare room is able to accommodate up to 20 children (no age minimum).

How do I sign my child up for Katie Kare?
There’s a few steps you need to follow to make signing up for Katie Kare is easy.  First, you will need to login to your MindBodyOnline account and add your child(ren) onto your personal account. Second, you will set up your kids with a MindBody account as well with a pseudo sign-in.  For example:  amypyne@gmail.com, and give them a password.  Then, on your child’s personal account, you can sign them up for Katie Kare or cancel them out.  We can always help people in the studio if they have any issues at all.



Didn’t find the answers you are looking for?  Please feel free to contact us at
commit@fitt-rx.com or (630) 415-FITT.

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