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    My experience at FITT-RX has been a completely positive one from the moment I stepped
    through the doors. I was 6 weeks postpartum with my second baby and completely out of shape
    (well… for me at least). I had zero abdominal strength and could not even hold a plank… I was
    sleep deprived, zombie-like and overall in an extremely difficult point in my life caring for two
    babies so close in age. FITT_RX became a place where I could be selfish… and for that I was so
    In a short amount of time I quickly regained my core strength as well as my overall cardio
    endurance. I found myself initially drawn to the circuit bootcamp classes because I loved going
    at my own pace & how weights were almost always incorporated into the workout. TRX has also
    become a love/hate relationship- I’ll never forget my very first class with Jen (I thought I was
    going to die). Those straps hanging from the wall seemed like nothing more than an evil torture
    device. Fast forward nearly 10 months and I feel almost as confident using the straps as the
    long time veterans there.
    Wednesdays with Bridget are one of my favorite classes to attend. She is constantly raising the
    bar and challenging us in new ways. I know that she pushes herself the way that I like to be
    pushed, and really tries to reiterate form over speed, which I believe many could benefit from
    that concept.
    To be honest I haven’t came across an instructor or class that I did not feel challenged or enjoy
    (well, I did try a spin class and that just wasn’t my cup of tea- the instructor was great but it
    wasn’t for me).
    I have to leave off by saying that while I do enjoy the instructors and classes at FITT it’s the
    Katie Kare that keeps me coming back. The ladies in there are beyond wonderful with the
    kids and I truly appreciate it. It’s a win/win because my kids seem to enjoy being in there
    surrounded around the other kids, and I get to blow off some steam.

    -Nicole M

  • I have been training with Megan Sandilands for almost 4 years. My goals were to build strength, flexibility and stamina; basically keep my body moving as I continued through middle age. Megan has helped me achieve these goals and more than I ever thought possible in a fun and challenging way.

    After a couple of years, my husband; a runner, a stair master expert, routine kind of guy, decided to give personal training a try. He thought he was in pretty good shape until he met Megan. Megan introduced him to the benefits of cross training including box jumps, burpees, squats and all the rest. He is now hooked and attends other classes offered at FITT-RX. With Megan, and the other trainers, there is always an alternative to an exercise. The focus is on the importance of doing an exercise correctly and then build on the difficulty level.

    Megan shows up every day happy, energetic, and ready to motivate. She is creative with her work out; giving thought to how your day may have been or what you worked on the days before.

    We couldn’t ask for a better person to keep us moving. Megan is great at her job and an inspiration to all her know her.

    My husband and I will occasionally play the “would you rather game.”

    “Would you rather give up wine or working out with Megan ?”

    “Would you rather give up going out to dinner or working out with Megan?”

    Megan wins EVERY time!

    –Mary and Tom

  • “When clients step foot in the door, they feel a sense of belonging and a part of a community where they will continuously feel supported to achieve their fitness goals.” Read the entire article here:


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  • On my last vacation I voluntarily worked out twice (on a boat none the less) but I also wore a bikini for the first time in over 10 years! I thank FITT-RX for the great results and the desire to do my best (even when the instructors are not around:)) Thank you for all you do – you always make me work to my limit and I keep coming back for more!! I am a FITT-RX’er for life!!
    ~Michelle M.

  • I have lived by the statement, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn’t until I started training at FITT-Rx that I realized what I could really do and what hard work actually meant. Being a Division 1 athlete, I thought I could pretty much do anything. But it was clear after only a few classes at FITT-RX that I had a long way to go. Over the summer, I started taking personal training to help prepare me for my upcoming season. Every day I felt myself getting stronger, more toned and faster.The trainers there pushed me to limits that I didn’t think I would ever reach. And it translated into how I played on the field. I had high goals set for myself, and without the trainers at FITT-RX, I’m not sure if I would have ever reached those goals. Being back at school, I still keep in contact with the trainers at FittRx because I know that through their workouts, I am giving myself the best possible advantage to keep making strides and reach the next level of my game. I have so much more confidence in the way I look and play after training at FITT-RX, and I honestly cannot wait to go back home to train there again.
    ~Alyssa, Elmhurst, IL