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  • I have always had an on and off relationship with physical fitness.  Growing up the oldest of 6 kids, running used to be my escape. It was either run, or fight about which Barbie I wanted to play with or about who what wearing the sweater I wanted to wear. I would get my cassette tape Walkman (I am that old!) and I would run to mix tapes I made, or U2’s Achtung Baby, or Bruce Springsteen.  Over the years, I switched from running to the elliptical, to weight lifting, to yoga, I constantly needed a change if I was going to stay interested.  When I was pregnant with my boys  I did a lot of Pilates and yoga mostly – I grew to love yoga with a real passion, so for a while that was all I did.

    When I first moved the Elmhurst,  I spent the first few months, either driving to Schaumburg to try to get a class in or work out with Aleks, who was my personal trainer pre-move, or I would just do nothing.  I tried going to a regular gym with treadmills and weights, but I didn’t know how to challenge myself and I got bored quickly.   Then I was introduced to FITT by this amazing group of 1st grade moms, who knew everything and everywhere to go in Elmhurst.   I was excited about the prospect of going somewhere in my neighborhood, but I was a little nervous about, well, everything.  All of my insecurities basically came out at once: it’s a new place, I don’t know anyone, I am not thin enough, I am not strong enough, I haven’t worked out like this in a long time, I’ll probably make a fool of myself.   Eventually I just had to say to myself,  stop over analyzing this and  go take a class!

    My first class was a Wednesday night TRX class and it was full.  To be honest, I didn’t know what TRX was or what I had gotten myself into.  I found a spot and waited for the class to get started.  Guess what?  It was ok, that I didn’t know what I was doing, because the instructor actually helped me  with everything and made me feel totally comfortable.   It was one of the best workouts I had done in forever.  I instantly became hooked.

    Beyond just being hooked on the workouts, I loved the culture. It’s welcoming to all.  The thing about FITT-RX is that you don’t have to be super thin, you don’t have to be the strongest, you don’t have to be the best – you just to have to be you, and do your own personal best.  Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, it comes at all levels for both men and women.  Whether it’s your first day or your 100th day, everyone goes in there with the same goal, to be healthy, to be fit and be strong. Everyone works at their own pace, there are modifications for exercises if you need it.  You will never do the same workout twice. In addition to regular classes there, I also personal train with Amy.  She listened to what I wanted to get out of my workouts, and she helps me work towards those goals in every session.  I may not always love everything she has me do, but I do know that its forcing change and making  me stronger and I appreciate that.

    My favorite thing about FITT-RX though are the people that work there.  I love how supportive they are of each other, and of the environment they create.  I love that they take each-others classes, and that they are always pushing themselves and not giving up on their own goals.  They support other local businesses, and take part in charity together.  They make each other laugh, and have a good time – all while making sure that each person that attends their classes are getting a great work out. I used to compare myself to others, could my stomach be flatter, or my legs be smaller, etc. but I realized over time that kind of thinking can be so negative and unproductive.  Now I look at these beautiful, strong women and I think I want to squat as low as Amy does, or lift a heavy as Jen does, run as quick as Jill, be as determined as Antonette, be as strong as Carrie.  Will I be able to do all of those things?  Maybe, maybe not – but seeing it inspires me to try!  I think after 2 1/2 years going there, I feel stronger and healthier than ever.   These work outs have even helped my yoga practice as I can hold positions longer, or move to the next level, which makes me so proud of myself!  But the best news is – my relationship with fitness is no longer on and off.  It’s on.  It’s a huge part of my life and I am grateful every day for it, and for FITT-RX. 

    Christina M., Elmhurst


  • Carrie Brasser is a bad a$$ trainer! This little fireplug kicks my tail in her weekly Build n Tone class. Its an efficient 30 minute workout that I could never accomplish on my own. I find myself dripping with sweat in the first few minutes and by the end I have foaming sweat pools on my mat to cleanup. In a blink of an eye I’m off feeling great for my workday…after a shower of course. Looking forward to her new cardio storm class!

    Tom M., Elmhurst

  • This testimonial has been two and a half years in the making. I have been an avid runner since 1998 and have run 25 marathons over the last 13 years. I’ve completed 15 of these marathons in the last five years. Prior to joining Elmhurst Boot Camp, I was plagued with nagging aches and pains from the usual runner problems . . . weak quads, weak hamstrings, weak hips. I tried different group exercise programs for cross training, but nothing seemed to be a good fit for me. My husband had taken some classes at a local gym with an instructor named Jill Giorno who was also running her own boot camp. I discovered a couple of my friends were also taking this “boot camp”. I was reluctant to try another group exercise program, but I figured I had nothing to lose. Boy am I glad I took that chance. Jill’s boot camp provides a great mix of cardio and strength training. She targets all the muscles areas, but manages to never repeat a workout. Jill challenges her participants at their own physical level and through modifications is able to accommodate all who attend. Knock on wood, I have been injury free since joining Elmhurst Boot Camp. I’m stronger, fitter, and running faster than I ever have before. Jill is a tremendous instructor and I’m also blessed to call her a friend. Thank you, Jill!
    ~Katie B., Elmhurst

  • I was out of shape when I started bootcamp. I could not run at all. In a very short time I was able to run a mile (which I’d never done before) and my body was transformed. It’s hard work but Jen makes it enjoyable as each session is different. It doesn’t matter what you fitness level is, beginner to advanced. It is such a great class!! I never dreaded going and was overwhelmed by the results. Jen Knuth is an excellent trainer and I look forward to taking more of her classes.
    -Kelly B

  • I have now attended six sessions of bootcamp and can honestly say that I have NEVER seen as many positive results from any other workout program as I have from this bootcamp. I have always excersied on a regular basis, but at 34, after having two children, I found it more and more difficult to shed that extra 15 pounds. After attending Jill’s bootcamp, my body has been completely transformed. Jill provides a workout that combines strength training, core and cardio in a 50 minute class. No two classes are ever the same, which really provides you with a great workout every time. If you are looking for a workout that will provide real results in an inviting environment, than this bootcamp is for you! Thanks Jill for keeping me motivated and providing such positive feedback!
    ~Debbie J., Elmhurst

  • On my last vacation I voluntarily worked out twice (on a boat none the less) but I also wore a bikini for the first time in over 10 years! I thank Fitt RX for the great results and the desire to do my best (even when the instructors are not around:)) Thank you for all you do – you always make me work to my limit and I keep coming back for more!! I am a FittRXer for life!!
    ~Michelle M.

  • I have lived by the statement, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn’t until I started training at FittRx that I realized what I could really do and what hard work actually meant. Being a Division 1 athlete, I thought I could pretty much do anything. But it was clear after only a few classes at FittRx that I had a long way to go. Over the summer, I started taking personal training to help prepare me for my upcoming season. Every day I felt myself getting stronger, more toned and faster.The trainers there pushed me to limits that I didn’t think I would ever reach. And it translated into how I played on the field. I had high goals set for myself, and without the trainers at Fittrx, I’m not sure if I would have ever reached those goals. Being back at school, I still keep in contact with the trainers at FittRx because I know that through their workouts, I am giving myself the best possible advantage to keep making strides and reach the next level of my game. I have so much more confidence in the way I look and play after training at FittRx, and I honestly cannot wait to go back home to train there again.
    ~Alyssa, Elmhurst, IL

  • I had been a moderate runner for years. In the 6 months I have been working out at FITT-RX, I went from running a 10:40 min/mi pace to an 8:40 min/mi at my most recent race. I did the work, but FITT-RX provided me with the platform upon which this type of success was possible.
    ~Tanya B., Elmhurst, IL